Benzene exposure and the ensuing lawsuits


Benzene is a toxic chemical that has been associated with many types of health issues. It is also the subject of many lawsuits after it causes an exposed individual to become inflicted with a serious disease.

Benzene is found in many everyday products. It is a component of crude oil and gasoline. It is also one of the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. Other uses for the toxic chemical include the manufacturing of rubber products, paint, plastics, medicine, pesticides and synthetic fibers. It is a very commonly used chemical, which is a factor that increases consumer’s likelihood of being exposed to it.

Workers that work in the manufacturing process, petroleum industry or other jobs that are intrinsically associated with the chemical are susceptible to being exposed to the chemical. Individuals can also be exposed to Benzene when breathing air in their homes when the home has been constructed with materials that utilize Benzene, such as paints, flooring materials or insulation materials. Exposure can occur through breathing in the chemical and skin absorption. Due to these characteristics of being potentially exposed to the dangerous chemical in a variety of environments and the body’s susceptibility to exposure through inhalation or skin absorption, many individuals have developed illnesses due to Benzene exposure.

Healthcare law requires that products that are available to the general public be safe for consumers or contain clear warnings regarding the risks associated with the product. Benzene products have been removed from the market in most instances, but older products still contain the dangerous toxin. Petroleum industry workers continue to be exposed to Benzene on a daily basis.

Benzene lawsuits have sprouted across the country after serious illnesses have developed as a result of Benzene exposure. Many illnesses do not develop until years after exposure. Some illnesses that have been linked with Benzene exposure include Myelodysplastic Syndrome, leukemia, blood disorders and other cancers. Myelodysplastic Syndrome is particularly dangerous because it affects the bone marrow’s ability to produce healthy blood cells.

Benzene lawsuits seek to provide compensation to individuals whose health has been adversely affected by exposure to Benzene. Benzene lawyers will work diligently to investigate each claim in order to assess the client’s health history and to pinpoint when the individual was likely exposed to the dangerous chemical. They will acquire all pertinent information, including a doctor’s diagnosis that the client has developed toxic chemical exposure, as well as doctor and hospital bills.

If you or a loved one developed a serious ailment, such as Myelodysplastic Syndrome, cancer or other serious condition due to Benzene exposure, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your injuries. Benzene lawyers can assist you in recovering damages for medical expenses and pain and suffering.


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