Items you must have in the First Aid Kit


Administering the right medical treatment to a person who had met with an accident can make the injury bearable. When first aid is administered on time, it can make a life-threatening situation manageable and assures the speedy recovery of patients. Having a well-equipped first aid box is important not only in homes but also in offices. In fact, some businesses and households have more than one first aid kit for emergencies.

Even though many people have first aid kits, these kits are usually stocked with outdated items that cannot be used during emergencies. Therefore, you must know the items that you may need during emergencies. Your first aid kit must have all items that can help you in fighting common ailments like headache, broken toenail, allergic reaction, few burns or any other minor injury. Also, it is not enough that you have all the items you need in your first aid kit. You must check the items regularly and replace them if they have expired. During an emergency, if you used an expired medicine or gel, it will only aggravate the situation.


Most people who have a first aid kit don’t know the importance of having a first aid manual in their kit. During emergencies, most people don’t know what they must do to manage the situation. When you have a manual that describes the first aid procedure in detail, it makes the situation less stressful for the person who is administering first aid.


If you administering first aid don’t leave, any wound or cut uncovered. Your first aid kit must include bandages of all shapes and sizes. Since scrapes and cuts come in all sizes, you will need large bandages for big cuts and small bandages for small scrapes. You can also include a few colorful bandages if you have kids who are not proud of wearing ordinary bandages. If you have pets at home, you must have bandages that you can use to treat them.

Antiseptic Ointments

You must clean the wound with an antiseptic ointment before you use a bandage to cover the wound. In most cases, cleaning the wound with soap and water can kill all the germs in the wound. However, when the wound is large, it could lead to pus formation if it is not cleaned with an antiseptic ointment.

Sterilized Gauze Pads, Scissors and Tapes

If blood is oozing out profusely from the wound, it cannot be covered by a normal bandage. You will need a medical tape and a sterile gauge to cover the wound and to stop bleeding. Make sure you have a good scissors in your first aid kit that can be used to cut the tapes and gauze pads. Sterilized gauge not only help in covering bigger injuries but also help in covering simple injuries of pets and kids since they cannot be removed easily.

Muscle Sprays and Creams

Today, many people suffer from a backache or a sprain. You can stock up your first aid kit with a muscle cream or spray to ensure instant relief to your aching muscles.  Some people also have a heating pad that they use along with the spray.

Pins and Tweezers

If you have active outdoor children, you must have a pair of tweezers in your first aid kit. You can use tweezers to remove foreign objects that get lodged in the skin. However, you must sterilize the tweezers and pins before you use them.

Pain Relievers

You must have some pain relievers like paracetamol in your first aid kit. Pain relievers are given to people feel pain in the injured area even after their wounds are bandaged. You must consult your doctor if the pain persistent even after pain relievers is given. Avoid giving pain relievers to kids or pets without consulting your doctor.


When the weather changes many people develop allergies which can be controlled by taking the right medication. Some of the symptoms of allergic reaction to dust, pollution and food include frequent sneezing or rashes on the skin. You can take antihistamines to control dust allergies and sinus. However, you must visit your doctor if you are suffering from food allergy.

Fever Medication and Thermometer

Your first aid kit is incomplete without a few fever medications and a good thermometer. Get a good digital thermometer for your home as they give exact reading. If you have pets and kids at home, you can get an ear-canal thermometer. You can get basic paracetamol like Crocin to regulate the body temperature.


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