NFL Head Injury Lawsuits


An interesting healthcare law case is brewing between the National Football League (NFL) and their former players. More than 12 different NFL head injury lawsuits have been filed in multiple regions across the country. The lawsuits allege that the NFL continually ignored mounting evidence of life-long medical problems arising from head injuries. According to the players, these medical problems include mental health conditions such as depression, memory loss and debilitating migraine headaches.

Additionally, the healthcare lawsuits filed by the former players, including former Miami Hurricane star Najeh Davenport, allege that the NFL deliberately down-played the seriousness of the head injuries. The players claim that they were told that long-term health conditions could not arise from head injuries. Additionally, the suit makes mention of the company that provides the football helmets for the NFL.

As part of the lawsuits, the former players are seeking multi-millions in monetary compensation. While several of the players do not yet have any serious symptoms as a result of their head injuries, they are attempting to have any future symptoms and related medical costs covered by the NFL.

With the help of its own NFL head injury lawyers, the NFL maintains a dismissive attitude towards the former players’ allegations. The NFL also seeks to have the suits thrown out, because they believe that the cases should be handled through the arbitration process already set up to handle other complaints made by football players.

The NFL has seen some success in its legal defense strategy. Although it has not been able to have the suits dismissed, they have been able to stop the former players from gathering more depositions from other players. This has considerably strengthened the NFL’s legal defense.

Although the lawsuits have been filed in multiple jurisdictions across the country, the cases have been consolidated and the NFL and players have agreed to meet before a Philadelphia court and judge. Philadelphia was chosen because it was the first place that a head injury lawsuit was filed against the NFL.

If you or a family member suffered head injuries while playing in the NFL, you deserve to have your long-term health care taken care of. Contact qualified healthcare lawyers today to discuss what rights you have.


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